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Substance abuse among youth has reached epidemic proportions. To combat this trend, MentorMe® Drug Testing Services has developed a Drug Free School Program to meet the needs of the Elementary student, school and community.

Drug Free School Program - Elementary

SKU: MDTS-DFSP01-48679
  • This training will assist Elementary School Administrators, Parent-Teacher Associations, Students and Parents in the establishment of a of Drug Detection-Deter program through a tailored approach that includes education, training and services.

    We teach Drug Recognition, Drug Identification, User Effects, Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention, School Investigation and other Legal Considerations.

    Our program is designed to not frighten Elementary Students, but instead to encourage them and to "give them a reason to say "No" to drugs". At the conclusion of the training, each attendee will -

    Receive a Student Certificate Award

    Be provided much literature covering many topics of drug use in Elementary Schools

    Be able to recognize and intervene to stop a friend from using drugs

    Be able to identify dangerous drugs by appearance and/or smell

    Be able to identify the effects of dangerous drugs in friends and family members

    Be able to find more information to increase knowledge of dangerous drug activities 

    Understand how drugs affect the body, mind and emotions Actively participate in a Drug Free School Program

    Know about and participate in drug testing  

    MentorMe® Drug Testing Services and its team of Subject Matter Experts bring to this training sundry years of training, certification and experience in Substance Abuse and Recovery, Mental Health and Legal practices.

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