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®Building Healthy Communities


"We're trying to change the environment for young people, so they no longer have to grow up in environments where alcohol and drugs are tolerated" - Frances M. Harding, Director SAMHSA Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.


The goal of prevention is to stop substance use before it ever begins. The Drug Free Communities Support (DFC) Program is one of SAMHSA's most successful coalition-building, prevention efforts in this regard. Working collaboratively with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, SAMHSA is currently funding more than 750 DFC grantees. MentorMe® Drug Testing & Educational Services fully believes this effort works as represented in Our Drug Free Programs.


Engaging young people in positive, drug-free activities takes time, planning, and commitment from a lot of people, not just parents. Local firefighters, law enforcement, volunteers, the state National Guard, business owners, restaurant managers, coaches, and many others must participate in order to measure success. 


Our efforts to reach young people with positive messages now includes new media and social networks such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other innovative, virtual communities within Social Media.


We're working to bring to neighborhoods a daily community-based practice built for positive outcomes.


Emphasizing connections across disciplines helps create a larger context for the care of the whole person. Our work is far from done. While we have made tremendous strides through prevention efforts, we still face a vast public health risk with regard to substance abuse among young people. Community coalitions are a step in the right direction. - Eric B. Broderick, D.D.S., M.P.H., Acting Administrator, SAMHSA


The grassroots efforts of community coalitions hard at work across the country set a strong example of how states and local communities can partner with the Federal Government to extend reach and make an impact greater than any one organization working alone. Towns and cities across the Nation have the continuing opportunity to experience this "synergy" firsthand as community leaders come together to build neighborhood coalitions to address substance abuse and mental health issues.


MentorMe® Drug Testing & Educational Services supports SAMHSA as an important part of this grassroots effort. The Agency's mission is to build resilience and facilitate recovery so that communities can reach a vision of "A Life in the Community for Everyone".


Substance abuse problems are better addressed locally at the community level because they manifest locally sometimes, right in a community's own backyard.


The only piece that is missing is - MentorMe® Drug Testing & Educational Services. We are Your Drug Test Consultant!

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