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This isn't the latest fad or buzz for me - this is what I was born to do. I am your confidant, inspiration, encouragement -            I am your Drug Test Consultant and Life Coach.



Service To The Community

Mrs. Everette-Duncan has served as a member of the Prince George’s County/Montgomery County Women’s Legislative, Planning and Briefing Committee where she enjoyed advocating equal rights for women and children. In 1996, Mrs. Everette-Duncan was nominated for “Outstanding Chapter Member”, and the recipient of the “Outstanding Community Service” and “Outstanding Member” awards at the Alliance of Black Telecommunication Employees National Convention in Dallas, Texas. She served on the NAACP (Howard County) Board of Executives as the Secretary to the Office of the President and later assumed the position as Chairperson of the Health Committee. Mrs. Everette-Duncan received the “Partner of Choice Award” provided to leading performers of AT&T on behalf of the President of the company. Today, she continues to receive awards for her community involvement, such as the Nehemiah Community Award.


Graduate and Continued Studies

As a graduate of the University of Maryland University College, Mrs. Everette-Duncan attained a Bachelor of Science in Technology & Management with a secondary concentration in Paralegal Studies: Criminal Law. She continued post-graduate studies as an active participant in the competitive John's Hopkins "21st Century Women’s Leadership and Change Program” in pursuit of a Masters in Information and Telecommunications: INFOSEC. Today, her studies have brodened to include earning an advanced diploma from the School of Professional Life Coaching, Light University while in pursuit of earning a Masters' in Professional Life Coaching. She actively engages in client life-coaching practices from her Lanham, Maryland office. with emphasis in Spiritual Formation, Health & Wellness, Addiction & Recovery and Financial Management.


MentorMe Enterprise, Inc.

Mrs. Tracy Everette-Duncan founded MentorMe® Enterprise, Inc in 1993 to help women manage the day-to-day stress of home, office and personal life. The company teaches "total life balance" that helps women maintain good health. Good Health consists of: mental, spiritual, financial, social and physical health. Mrs. Everette-Duncan conducted workshops and lectures in communities on the dangers of toxic chemicals found in everyday products. One particular workshop was held with the Blacks In Government (BIG) annual convention, Washington DC. Mrs. Everette-Duncan presented information that offered an alternative to the average household containing at least 62-toxic chemicals in personal hygiene, household cleaning and nutrition products. These chemicals effect the brain, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems.At the conclusion of her workshop, over 100 NIH, CDC, EPA, FDA, doctors, nurses, secretaries, and administrative assistants were requesting additional information. She continued her efforts by authoring several newsworthy articles for community newspapers and other correspondences, and appearing on local radio programs. 


MentorMe Drug Testing Services, LLC.

Mrs. Everette-Duncan founded MentorMe® Drug Testing Services, LLC in 2007. She prepared a series of educational programs to help local communities concerned with the spread of illegal drugs in the neighborhoods. As a qualified drug test consultant and TIPS® Certified Trainer, Mrs. Everette-Duncan advocates for a safe and drug free environment in all communities. She believes parents and small businesses should "Stop Worrying - and - Start Testing!"


Leadership Accomplishments

Mrs. Everette-Duncan served in the United States Air Force Reserve during which time she received the “Commander’s Achievement Award”. As alumni of the Dale Carnegie Institute of Human Development and Public Speaking, Mrs. Everette-Duncan received the honor of “Most Highest to Achieve” by election of her peers and program directors. An unlimited list of other community involvement includes, Women in Business: Panel Discussion, John’s Hopkins University Leadership Development Program, Program Creator: Dasher Green Elementary Saturday Morning Breakfast Tutoring Club, Program Creator: Empowered Women - Take Back Your Finances and Program Creator: Ladies of Distinction Teen Development Program 



Author, Speaker, Workshop Presenter, TV Producer, Journalist, Editor, Internet Radio Personality

For her endeavors in the community, business and professional arena, Mrs. Everette-Duncan is listed as a member in the NATIONAL REGISTER'S WHO'S WHO IN EXECUTIVES AND PROFESSIONALS 2004 EDITION.


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