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Drug Free Workplace Program


The National Institute on Drug Abuse Research Department has said that an average of 10% of employees in corporate America work force is impaired on the job because of alcohol and other drugs. 

The Department of Labor said each covert abuser cost his employer an average of $11,000 per year for treatment of drug and alcohol abuse - an increase of $9,600 the previous year.


If your company has 500 employees, x's 10% = potentially 50 covert substance abusers on payroll x's $11,000 per abuser = $550,000 from the companies bottom-line profit each year or each month @ $45,833.33.


One incident could bankrupt your efforts.

"Stop Worrying - Start Testing!"


The most common reasons employers implement drug testing is to: Deter employee drug and alcohol abuse; prevent hiring individuals using illegal drugs; provide early detection and referral; provide a safe workplace for other employees; and, ensure general public safety and consumer confidence that employees are working safely.

About 75 percent of current illicit drug users 18 and older are employed as more than 10 million U.S. workers.  On a daily basis, based on 250 workdays in a year, at least 42,000 Americans are coming to work stoned or getting "high" while on the job.  In fact, a national survey of callers to the 800-COCAINE hotline found that 75 percent used drugs while at work. The federal government once claimed that if all workers ages 18-40 were administered a drug test on any given day, as many as 25 percent would test positive.


Testing employees for drug abuse is most often conducted for pre-employment, post-accident-random testing, return-to-duty and post-rehabilitation.  Substance-abusing employees most commonly test positive for marijuana.  It is by far the illegal drug most frequently found in the system of American workers.  One major lab reports that 60 percent of all positive drug tests are for marijuana and that 16 percent are for cocaine. In the past 15 years, drug testing in the U.S. workplace has gone from ground zero to widespread employer acceptance.  In 1983, less than 1 percent of employees were subject to drug testing. Today, about 49 percent of full-time workers are subject to some form of workplace drug testing, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.



Creating a Drug Free Work Place


It's a fact that business owners are losing over $100 Billion per year due to substance abuse in the workplace. MentorMe® Drug Testing Services provides laboratory and/or instant on-site drug tests to business owners who value implementing a drug testing program. We provide clients with the proper paperwork and local laboratory locations to send their employees (over 12,000 laboratories nationwide) for follow up testing.

Laboratory Testing:

All of the labs that we work with are SAMHSA CertifiedWe can accommodate all state and federally regulated industries. There are over 4,000 collection sites available in the United States


Instant on site testing:

All tests are FDA Cleared

We provide Immediate Results

There is value in the greater to produce lower cost per test. We can send all positives to a laboratory overnight to be confirmed through the confirmation process of gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS).


MentorMe® Drug Testing Services offers a complete line of instant on-site drug tests from one of the leading manufacturers in the world. Although our website promotes our preferred drug test products, we have a catalogue which displays many different styles of drug tests with many different combinations of drugs to test for. We can test for 1 individual drug or a combination of up to 12 drugs.  Please allow us to put together an instant-on site testing program for your company.


What Are The Benefits Of A Drug-Free Workplace?

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced turnover

  • Reduced tardiness

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Safer work environment

  • Saving of valuable time on the hiring process

  • Hiring only drug free employees

  • Reduced health insurance costs

  • Workers Comp Insurance Incentives - many States require a 5% discount


We will assist to create a Turnkey Program for your company to become a drug free workplace. A policy is written on your behalf, customized to your needs and specifics of your business. This policy will comply with all federal and state regulations for regulated and non-regulated drug testing. We will collaborate with your management staff to implement the policy, answer questions and address concerns. 


What Is A Drug-Free Workplace?


Your Company Qualifies As A Drug-Free Workplace Program Once The Following Components Of The Program Have Been Implemented:


  • Drug Free Workplace Policy

  • Employee Education

  • Supervisor Training

  • Drug Testing

  • Employee Assistance Program


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