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Facts By Phone



When you purchase our drug testing program you will have access to our Prevention Awareness Telephone Line (PATL).

This is an anonymous toll-free phone system available to parents.  


With over 200 three to four minute messages on parenting, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, mental health and sexuality topics our Prevention Awareness Telephone Line is an invaluable resource.

Here is a list of the topics available:




100 Do I Drink Too Much? 

101 Alcoholism: What Is It? 

102 Alcoholics Anonymous & Other Groups 

103 ALATEEN: Help For The Young Person 

104 College Students and Drinking

105 Alcohol And Drugs Don't Mix 

106 Alcohol and Violence

107 Alcohol and Health 



108 Cigarettes, Pipes & Snuff 

109 Smokeless Tobacco 

110 Clove Cigarettes 

111 Effects Of Cigarette Smoke On Non-Smokers 

112 Why Should I Quit Smoking? 

113 Are You Ready To Quit Smoking? 

114 How To Quit Smoking 



115 Marijuana

116 Cocaine

117 Steroids 

118 Barbiturates/Downers 

119 Methamphetamine

120 Heroin

121 Inhalants 

122 LSD

123 Ecstacy 

124 PCP

125 Downers



126 Good Reasons For Saying "No" 

127 Saying "No" To Drugs Is The Adult Thing To Do 

128 Three Steps To Say "No" 

129 Ways For A Young Adult To Say "No" 

130 When It's Hard To Say "No" 



131 Anger Management

132 Anger: Ways Not To Handle It

133 Stress: Coping With Stress 

134 Stress: Eating For Less Stress 

135 Stress: Exercise As A Stress Control Tool 

136 Stress: Relaxation Techniques 

137 Stress Management 

138 Stress Management for Young People 

139 Stress: Do I Have A Problem 

140 Stress: What Is It? 

141 Understanding Stress in Children 

142 Understanding Stress in Adolescents 

143 Your Mind As A Stress Manager 

144 Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 

145 Depression: What Is It? 

146 Depression: Do I Have A Problem? 

147 Helping Someone Who Is Depressed 

148 Depression: Helping Yourself 

149 Depression In Children & Adolescents 

150 Manic Depression

151 Suicide And The College Student 

152 Suicide Warning Signals 

153 Suicide: Facts & Myths 

154 Suicide: Helping Those Left Behind 

155 Teenage Suicide 

156 Effects Of Anxiety 

157 Panic Disorder

158 Grieving A Loss

159 Schizophrenia

160 Treating Schizophrenia

161 Mental Retardation

162 Developmental Disabilities

163 Autism



164 Child Abuse: Emotional 

165 Child Abuse: Neglect 

166 Child Abuse: Physical 

167 Child Abuse: Sexual 

168 Am I A Good Parent? 

169 Talking With Your Children

170 Talking Things Over With Your Teenager

171 A Teenage Party Guide For Parents

172 Children of Divorce

173 Effective Use Of T.V. In The Home 

174 Household Responsibilities: One Approach 

175 Single Parenting: Today's Challenge 

176 Child Day Care: Questions To Ask 

177 Call The Teacher: Questions To Ask 

178 Helping Your Children In School 

179 Who Can Help Your Child In School? 

180 Homework: Skills For A Lifetime 


PARENTING (Child Development) 

181 Making Your Child More Independent 

182 Common Sense Parenting: Dinner Time 

183 Common Sense Parenting: Bedtime 

184 Helping Children With Morning Routines 

185 Parent-Child Interaction: How To Improve It 

186 Dealing With The Angry Child 

187 Responding To The Angry Child 

188 Discipline Part I: Attention, Ignoring, Punishing 

189 Discipline Part II - Using Time Out

190 Giving Your Child Effective Commands 

191 Children and Two Parent Working Families 

192 Children and Stepfamilies 

193 Children and Household Chores 

194 Children and Divorce 

195 Controlling Temper Tantrums 


PARENTING (Child Behavior)

196 Hurried Children - Growing Up Too Fast 

197 Self Control 

198 Anger Control Problems 

199 Shyness

200 Children and Temperament Styles 

201 Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder 

202 Children and Reactions To Death 

203 Children and Moving 

204 Encopresis or Soiling 

205 Enuresis or Wetting/Bedwetting 

206 Stealing 

207 Fears and Phobias 

208 Children and Depression 

209 Children and Anxiety 

210 Children and Thumbsucking 

211 Children and Television 



212 What Is AIDS? 

213 HIV, AIDS and Sex 

214 AIDS: Answers For Teens 

215 Am I At Risk For AIDS? 

216 What Are The Symptoms Of AIDS? 

217 HIV and Pregnancy 

218 HIV: Talking With Your Teen 

219 Alcohol, Drugs and HIV



220 Achievement: Words Of Wisdom 

221 Are You Tired of Being a Teenager? 

222 Assertiveness 

223 Being A Role Model 

224 Belonging To The Community 

225 Building Self Esteem 

226 But Not Everyone's Doing It 

227 Conflict: What Is It? 

228 Conflict: How To Resolve It 

229 Cooperating 

230 Decision Making 

231 Friends: People I'm Proud Of 

232 Gangs or Groups: The Decision Is Yours 

233 Gangs: Fact Vs. Fiction 

234 Goal Setting 

235 Leadership: We All Have It 

236 Needs and Wants 



237 Symptoms Of Pregnancy 

238 Changes During Pregnancy 

239 Pregnancy And Your Options 

240 Adoption 

241 Alcohol, Drugs and Your Baby

242 Prenatal Care

243 Teenage Pregnancy


244 Are You Afraid of Your Partner?

245 Rape: What is it? 

246 Rape: The Survivor 

247 Acquaintance Rape 

248 Date Rape 

249 Child Abuse: Sexual 

250 Incest Information for Teens/Young Adults

251 Men Who Batter Their Partners 

252 Women Who Are Battered 

253 Sexual Harassment

254 Abusive Relationships



255 Boys Ask: "What Is Normal?" 

256 Girls Ask: "What Is Normal?" 

257 Homosexuality 

258 How To Talk To Your Child About Sex 

259 Teenage Sexual Concerns 

260 Masturbation 

261 Saying "NO" To Sex 

262 Sex Education And Family Values 

263 Common Sexual Problems/Concerns 

264 Bisexuality
265 Sexual Orientation

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