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There is often a great reluctance by employers to confront a worker or a parent to confront a child about possible drug use.

There are parent-child trust issues and, in the case of work situations, liability and union concerns.

Forensic Drug Detection Assessment 



Wipe/Spray Drug Detection Assessment Kits allow parents and business owners to enter the home or workplace, at a convenient non-confrontational time to test frequently-used surfaces for the presence of drug traces. Desktops and dressers, keyboards and computer mice, backpacks, calculators, telephones and faxes, light switches, even vehicle surfaces like steering wheels, dashboards and stereo controls, can retain small traces of drug residue that this test can detect. Results are available in seconds for methamphetamine, THC/marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and barbiturates.


Since drug traces can be passed between hands and belongings, this assessment may reveal contact with drug users or dealers, even if the individual in question hasn't actually consumed drugs. This can allow early intervention before drugs begin to negatively affect a person's life or endanger the workplace.

An additional market for environment assessments is real estate: it gives new home buyers and realtors an early alert option for homes that may have been used in illicit drug manufacturing (meth labs), leaving behind hazardous chemicals.


Our "Wipe/Spray" technology detects unseen drug residue on surfaces touched by drug users and traffickers. We are able to provide this service to business owners, parents, schools - the community at-large.


Utilize our exclusive 25 point check system to wipe the most commonly touched areas to determine if people are using drugs. Assessments may be conducted at anytime for home use and during non-business hours to avoid employee interference.


After the testing is completed, MentorMe® Drug Testing Services will provide a customized report itemizing a detailed assessment of your specific situation. It is an enormous benefit to parents, employers and schools to have knowledge of precisely how shocking the problem may truly be.



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